25 June 2015



On the 21st of June 2015 we saw the first International Day of Yoga.  It was proposed by the Prime Minister of India, and was immediately sponsored by 177 countries, a record in UN history.

This news has made me feel real joy and hope.  There are so many problems in the world, war, environmental catastrophy, health issues, social issues and many many unhappy, suffering people.  The problems are global, the cause is humans and our dissatisfaction, greed, fear, hatred, envy.  The solution, the only way, is to raise individual awareness.  One by one people wake up, it's the only way to change.

We must begin with ourselves.  

This news made me hopeful for change.


「ご自身もヨギーであるインド首相のナレンドラ・モディ首相は、世界各国政府に対し、 6月21日をヨガの恩恵について全世界的に認識を高める日とするように、国連に投げかけ、177カ国が調印をしています。国連史上最速で採択されたという事実は、各国に広がるヨガの素晴らしさを物語っています。」

"Yoga: Harmony with Nature"
The film explores Yoga's origins, history, benefits, science, spread and embrace around the World. The film was produced to celebrate the UN's International Day of Yoga on June 21st 2015 and was inspired by the guiding words of India's Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi from his speech at the UN on 27th September 2014 to explore how human beings can learn to live in harmony with themselves, each other and nature through the practice of Yoga.
Posted by Indian Diplomacy on Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Why is Yoga important?  It is through these ancient teachings and practices that people can rest in their true selves.  Overcome the negative emotions, and work torwards individual self improvement.  Making better people, society, nation, world.


At the end of our practice we always chant the Mangala Mantra.  Let's hope it manifests.


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