16 February 2011

Matt in Yamagata ☆

 マイソール・クラス参加した人私と同じ気持ちで本当に良かったでしたね! マットの心、エネルギはすばらしいで、みんないい影響されたみたいね。マットとボードしながら、案内しながらズーット話しました、but more than what he said is the way that he is, a wonderful example of a yogi in action!.  This is what impressed me. ごめんなさいこれから英語でマットから残っている言葉、印象、考えは、、、、  

He is full of love. 
Love opens us up.
Fear closes us down.
From fear come the negative emotions, hate, envy, pride....
The highest aim of yoga is to unify with god (eternal energy) - to be happy.  True happiness.
Pain, both of body and mind play an important role.  We need to experience pain to progress and know what is not pain, what is happiness.  Can't have one without the other.
Through yoga we learn to clean our hearts and bodies, to be active, to find joy, to connect with energy.
We must trust and the universe will provide.  This can be the most difficult.
To connect with nature, with the greater energy is so important.

No fear.

Love for all living things.

Trust and faith...and of course, practice, practice, practice.  Breath, connect, be alive, enjoy! 

Remember all you need is already within you.  Trust.

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