25 May 2008

I love INDIA ☆ インド 大好き!

My second month of studying yoga in India. This one so different from the first. My first month in Mysore in 2006 I studied with Pattabhi Jois and family..a wonderful experience and hope to study with them again sometime. However this time round...March 2008 I studied Ashtanga Vinyasa with Sheshadri in the in the mornings and a more classical yoga class with Bharat in the afternoons. Both taught me much, for which I am very grateful.

One morning we were all invited to Sheshadri's house for breakfast. It was such a beautifully simple house. No junk or unecessary items or cluttter.

Sheshadri, a very strict hard teacher, but at the same time kindness pours out. During class silence and order, but after class he would relax and answer questions.

I learnt so much it's difficult to write it all but some points I am working on and would like to share are:
  • The importance of a community, the combined energy to be able to help each other and share experience...all together very powerful.
  • The importance of food when to eat, what to eat. We are all very different, and need to find our own balance. Also the mind with which you eat your food, eat happily, with appreciation and digestion will be helped greatly. Also of great importance, the energy brought to food when preparing.
  • Giving as much as you can, whether it be listening to a friend or giving items someone needs.
  • Living as simply as you can.
  • Keep a strong connection to nature, the ultimate source of all energy.
  • Make the practice your own, adjust it to your needs, we are all different and progress in different ways. Don't be a slave, be free and practice with joy!
  • Study the the sutras, the yama, niyama, but be aware these are not rules, but guidelines for living. Apply them as and where you can. Keep it simple
Most off all PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE and ENJOY, laugh, love and give ☆
I am already looking forward to my next trip to study in India.

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