22 March 2007


どうやってもっと深く練習する?アサナをもっともっと深く行って 呼吸の鼓動に乗る感じにするよう頑張りましょう。

最初はアサナの真髄を頑張って感じて。 どこの筋肉が働いてる、伸びている、開放しているに意識して。アサナの格好に焦点が合うより、アサナを感じて方がいい。アサナに入ってずいぶん努力していて呼吸の方に意識して。呼吸をスムーズ、強く均等に息を吸う吐く。呼吸が深くなるとアサナもついて行きますよ。




How to get deeper into your practice, deeper into asana, deeper into the rythm of your breath?

Try to feel the essence of each asana, which parts of your body should be working, stretching or releasing. Focus, not what the asana looks like, but how it feels, when you have settled into the asana and effort is being made, it's time to focus on making your breath smooth, strong and even. The deeper the breath the deeper the pose. It doesn't matter if you can't get into an asana all the way, the important thing is that you are trying and accessing the correct parts.

In ashtanga yoga, the sequence is fixed....each pose prepares your body for the next. So if you are having difficulties in an asana, work even harder at the ones previous to it.

As Guruji says, 99% PRACTICE!!!!

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