20 December 2006


I arrived early, as I wanted to see the sun rise over the palace. Unfortunately it didn't open until 10! So I had to wait and take photos from a distance. Photos weren't allowed in the palace. But it was beautiful! I also met the King's elephants, they were really cute, the one I was with was 53! くびまだすこし痛いので三日間くらい休みます。今プラナヤマと瞑想の方に集中しています。昨日針療法してもらってちょっと良くなた。明日もう一回しったら練習を進みます。

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Anonymous said...

ぞー!I LOVE 象s! I'm so jealous that you get to hang out with elephants. I want to hear all about your yoga-ness when you return. Your photos are great!