19 January 2007


最後の写真グルジはお爺さんみたい ぎゅっとハグしてもらう気持ちいいい。本当に大好きになってそんけいのことも勿論あり。すばらしいな92歳な先生!最後の練習の後泣きたかった!ぜひ来年まだ行きたいです。 お正月のパーテイ!お酒なし8時半までけど楽しかった!!!
1日1月の5時朝連はすごく気持ちいよっかた。雰囲気すばらしい。Perfect way to start a new year!


Anonymous said...

Hey there chick,
What a fantastic picture of you and Guruji. Russ and I have decided to go at the end of the year for a month. Will keep you posted on dates.
love debs.

Anonymous said...

Hey lovely lady,
You look fantastic!! I have finally figured out how to navigate my way around your blog!! Amazing photos!! Amazing journey!!
Missing you loads, love Anna x

エスタ said...

cool! two of my favourite people on the same comments page! hope to see you soon, albeit on different continents, india and englind yay!!